The Kahl-Bürg

6 rue du 8 mai 1945 76470 LE TREPORT / Côte d'Albâtre

Dug out of the chalk cliffs of the Alabaster Coast, the impressive Kahl-Bürg was built by the Germans after Operation Jubilee, the raid that took on the beaches of Dieppe in 1942.

Squeezed between garage doors, the entrance to the Kahl-Bürg goes unnoticed, and is even unexpected. Who would have thought that here, in the middle of houses overlooking Le Tréport, is located one of the most unsettling and best-preserved sites of World War II? That this little door opens onto a real "underground castle" that was built over two years, for the Germans, by prisoners, most of whom were Ukrainian women?

And yet this place, with its architecture of vaulted brick corridors is unique in the Atlantic Wall and imbued with the suffering of the prisoners who built it. Some visitors even experience a feeling of oppression due to the lack of daylight and the constant low temperature (11°C/52°F).

Located 60 metres above sea level and about twenty metres below the ground, the Kahl-Bürg provides access to 32 rooms spread long 300 metres that had different purposes. The corridors have about 225 steps that lead to the four levels: the entrance and machine rooms, the barracks and observation posts, a firing post still armed with its 75mm gun, a German command centre (245 et 348 ID).

Didier, our volunteer who takes visitors on a guided tour, has much more to say than these numbers. Passionate about the subject, he tells visitors about the harsh life under the cliff, the hierarchical organisation of the space, the lack of privacy, the tasks, etc.

At the time of the D-Day Landings in 1944 and the Battle of Normandy, the Kahl-Bürg was not completed. Left in a state of disrepair for 60 years, pillaged, damaged and littered with rubbish by the inhabitants of Le Tréport, it has been restored and preserved since 2001 by a handful of volunteers including Dider and Rodolphe, who was in charge of the restoration work.

The site has been kept in its original state and is thus unfortunately not accessible to people with reduced mobility. Moreover, we recommend wearing warm clothes and comfortable shoes for the tour.

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