Parc du Château de Galleville

Hameau de Galleville 428 colmont 76560 DOUDEVILLE / Pays de Caux

Jardin remarquable

Located in the Pays de Caux, in the heart of flax fields, this 17th century property listed a Historic Monument is surrounded by an impressive grand courtyard, a kitchen garden planted with flowers, an orchard, an English-landscape garden and a formal French-parterre garden. A promising time to look forward to! Listed a Remarkable Garden, the grounds offer stunning views over the château as well as on the ha-ha behind the building.

As I drove to Galleville Château, I was hardly parked that I already felt amazed. As I got out of the car, the site stretched out in front of me. The château stands majestically and forcefully. I felt so small in front of this architectural gem. The grand courtyard is preceded by French parterres, offering a dramatic perspective on the château. The whole property is harmonious and offers a balanced and beautiful scene. I passed through the blue wrought-iron gate, whose colour was almost as intense as the colour of the sky. I walked closer towards the building and was intrigued by the carved pediment that towers above a balcony in the same colour as the gate. The wrought iron lacework is remarkable.
I noticed an opening in a hedge on my left, I slipped in. I discovered a superb English-landscape garden. I have always loved this type of garden, which looks both messy and overgrown, and incredibly structured with neat and precise lines. The borders were expressive and luxuriant, and the flowers glowed in the morning light. The garden is divided into 4 beds, separated by gravel paths that I keenly followed. Under an arch shaped by plants, there were two wooden chairs where I went to sit for a few minutes. There, in the shade, I enjoyed the view of the garden in this utterly peaceful and invigorating setting. At the back of the garden, another opening in the hedge led me to the kitchen garden adjoining the château. There I saw all kinds of vegetables as well as beautiful colourful dahlias that reminded me of my grandmother.
The back of the château overlooks the formal French garden, with parterres edged by topiaries. On either side, two paths lead to a tree avenue: imposing oak and beech trees planted in two rows. I walked in the centre of this monumental path and experienced the mysterious and fascinating aura coming from the trees. As I reached the end of the garden, I saw the ha-ha, which is a ditch used both as a surrounding wall and an opening onto the outside... As I walked up the path towards the château, I took in a new perspective that enchanted me once again.

Pleasure garden, Remarkable garden, Mixed border, Park, Orchard/kitchen garden, Plant collection, Vegetable garden, French style


18 July 2023 to 31 August 2023
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Facilities : Parking for families, Toilets

Private visits

The visit lasts approximately : 45 min

Languages spoken  : English, German, Spanish
Tours available in : English, German


Base rate - full rate adult From 5.00€

Methods of payment : Postal or bank cheques, Cash, Money transfer

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