Circuit du plus petit fleuve de France

Côte d'Albâtre


Following the smallest river in France makes for a memorable experience! This trail, accessible to everyone, takes you to explore one of the "France's favourite village", Veules-les-Roses. A walk along the Veules, this small 1,149 metre long river, ideal for a romantic stroll.

The walk starts on the seafront in Veules-les-Roses, facing the beach, your back to the dry-hanging valley that shelters the village. Take time to stop at the top of the viewpoint to admire the famous steep cliffs of the Alabaster Coast. You will soon be in the heart of the charming narrow streets lined with seaside villas and thatched cottages full of flowers. You will then discover the numerous built heritage gems with the Chapel of the Convent of the Penitents and the old castle and its dovecote.

You can already feel the peaceful atmosphere in this village where it is pleasant to live. While strolling along the path, you will arrive at the source of Veules, a place where watercress has been grown since the 14th century. This is where flows the clear and gentle water that feeds Monsieur Mahieu's green watercess bed. Carry on a little bit further and stop at the ford near watering basin to watch brown trout. A small bridge, a pretty thatched cottage… the magic works!

But that's not all! You haven't seen the watermills yet, the legacy of an agricultural past and once used to grind cereals. Then back to the church square, surrounded by food and gift shops before continuing along the river Veules to the pier where it flows into the Channel. There are many facilities that delight visitors and remind them of the charm of old-fashioned seaside resorts, a popular holiday destination in the 20th century.

Did you know that the only oyster of the Alabaster Coast is the "Veulaise" that is produced here in Veules-les-Roses? Take time to try it at one of the village's restaurants. And our little advice, come and follow this trail in low season, the charm of this authentic quaint village is present all year round!

It lasts : 01h 30
Difficulty : Easy
Distance : 3,5 km
Leaves from  : VEULES-LES-ROSES, Plage de Veules-les-Roses
Arrives at  : VEULES-LES-ROSES, Plage de Veules-les-Roses

Theme : Discovery


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