Itinéraire "La villégiature impressionniste"

Côte d'Albâtre


This itinerary includes 5 Information panel.

Have a walk of two hours in the centre of Dieppe, a town reconstructed during the 17th century, and discover its beautiful marina. Facing the information panels 1 and 3, you can enjoy wonderful viewpoints over the seaside. Then drive on the road D75 from the castle in direction of Pourville-sur-Mer. In the big bend, in front of the information panel 5, there is a wonderful panorama.

Then, a second two hours walk in the middle of nature will allow you to discover the village of Varengeville-sur-Mer, a real maze of greenery until you arrive at the little church with stained glass windows made by Braque and its coastal
cemetery. (Dieppe - Varengeville = 14 km)

Type of tour : Multi-purpose
(Walking, Road tour)
Leaves from  : DIEPPE

Theme : Cultural, Impressionism, Impressionism

Entretien : SEINE-MARITIME ATTRACTIVITE - 02 35 12 10 10

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