Food in Seine-Maritime !

If you enjoy tasty food !

Butter and cream: They are the lifeblood of Norman cuisine, and they give it its generosity and pleasantness. Salted or unsalted? It's up to you but farmhouse butter of course!

Apple: Another essential element of Normandy's gourmet treats, the apple offers endless variations and a wide range of different alcoholic drinks, from cider brandy to apple juice not to forget a thousand sweet and savoury delicacies.

Neufchâtel cheese: It has such a big heart! Among all the Norman cheeses of controlled designation of origin, Neufchâtel might not be the most famous one, but its character and its quality make it one of the tastiest cheeses.

Watercress: Rich in iron and calcium, watercress needs good quality water to flourish. In Veules-les-Roses it thrives in the spring water of the smallest river in France.

Herring: Just salted, smoked whole, kippered, dried, or marinated, herring is salted and smoked since the dawn of time. This fish is closely related to the history of Fécamp.

Scallops: Yes, Normandy is the leading region for scallops fishing and Dieppe the leading port in France! It is fished from 1st October to 15th May, but it is at its best from December to March.

Seafood: Fishermen bring high quality fish and shellfish every morning. On fishmongers' or fishermen's stalls at markets or in restaurants, it is a real treat.

Markets: The most famous ones are in Dieppe, in Rouen (Place St Marc), in Buchy (live animals), in Fécamp or in Sotteville-les-Rouen, which is the largest market in Normandy.

Duckling à la Rouennaise: Rouen ducks result from a cross between wild ducks and domesticated ducks. It is suffocated and cooked bleeding, roasted with mustard, and then served with a sauce thickened with the blood from the pressed carcass. This dish represents the Seine Valley's culinary expertise.

Michelin-starred chefs: Seven chefs have at least one star in the Michelin Guide: Gilles Tournadre (Gill) and Benjamin Lechevallier (Origine) in Rouen, Jean-Luc Tartarin in Le Havre, Tristan Arhan (Les Voiles d'Or) in Dieppe, Pierre Caillet (Le Bec au Cauchois) in Valmont, Pierre Chrétien (Auberge du Dun) in Le Bourg-Dun, Eric Buisset (Souper Fin) in Frichemesnil.