Alone on a SUP board, at the foot of the cliffs of Étretat, let's follow Laura in this extraordinary experience. Her feet in the water and her head up towards the sky, she is a board sports lover. Let's follow her, to the rhythm of the waves of the Channel, under the arch of Étretat for an amazing stand up paddle boarding trip.

For her first solo trip, Laura thinks big: she is heading for Normandy to face one of the most breathtaking landscapes nature has to offer: the cliffs of Étretat. Early in the morning, under a blazing sun, our adventurer gets equipped by Voiles et Galets, which also provides sailing courses supervised by professional instructors all year round. Board, paddle, life jacket, shoes and wetsuit* are required for SUP board lovers, this both trendy and relaxing sport. A board sports addict, Laura puts theory into practice straightaway and throws herself out into the Channel. “The salty sea air hits my face while a gentle breeze cools me down, it is a paradise here” she says as she is climbing on her board and attracting the curiosity of people hiking on top of the Amont Cliff to admire the stunning view.

A gentle introduction to the water

In one breath, Laura launches herself; first in a kneeling position to find her balance, then standing up, after paddling away from the busy beach. The sea is calm, not a ripple on the surface of the water as far as the eye can see. “I am not swaying at all! Let's go!” Opposite, there is the majestic ridged Aval Cliff. Laura's goal: going under the arch to explore the secret beaches hidden just behind. Quick, let's head towards Le Havre! Laura silently proceeds under the arch of Étretat, “I feel so small under the impressive limestone structure. I stop paddling to take time to admire it. The calm and silence is comforting”. After a few minutes of gliding, she draws closer to the beach and its summer visitors. After a little jolt because she is getting close to rocks, Laura finally arrives on the pebble beach.

SUP boarding Experience: exploring the beaches of Étretat !

“I’m arriving on the first beach behind the Aval Cliff, the Manneporte, splendid!” And on top of that, it's empty! Laura's advice: land, lie down and close your eyes to enjoy to the full this little, secluded piece of paradise. After a short break, the funny watercraft continues its journey towards the Pointe de la Courtine and the beach of Le Tilleul with the dry-hanging valley of Antifer. Sports lovers, be patient: 2 kilometres to paddle! “On one side, the cliffs, on the other side the Channel and the horizon as far as the eye can see! It's perfect to rest the eyes and daydream again without even realising it”. Relaxing, swimming, picnicking and trying a gentle sport, expect a trip off the beaten track. “I really recommend this experience to all those who enjoy sports activities, board sports, the peace and quiet and the privilege to see the magnificent cliffs of Étretat from a whole new perspective!”

So... Will you give it a try?

* It is also possible to hire the equipment at the beach rental stand in Étretat from 10 am to 7 pm in summer.