Every year in autumn, many towns celebrate the herring, which is known here as "the king of fish" and which, alone, provided a living for hundreds of families!

In Dieppe, around 100,000 visitors gather every year to eat this very popular seafood product in outdoor fish smoking factories. Herring is also widely celebrated in Le Tréport, Étretat, Fécamp, Saint-Valéry-en-Caux, etc. Visitors can watch the preparation of bloaters, smoked herrings, marinated herrings or fillets, with a smile, a small plate and their knife and fork!

The Scallop Festival is also taken very seriously in Seine-Maritime. In Dieppe, first French fishing port for scallops, it takes place at the same time as the Herring Festival. You can enjoy freshly caught scallops prepared on the quays and then buy some at one of the numerous well-stocked stalls to cook them at home following your favourite recipe: with cream, with garlic, à la Provençale (with tomatoes and olive oil), grilled on a plancha, steamed…!

Another shellfish that is a cause for celebration is the mussel. It has been celebrated every summer since 1978 in Le Tréport, which is pervaded more than ever with a northern atmosphere! It can be sampled fresh and well-seasoned in the port. About half a tonne of mussels is cooked by the volunteers on this occasion!

Sea Festivals take place in summer in the port cities of Seine-Maritime. These festivals are marked by gatherings, sailors, boat owners and fishermen's parades, not to mention the Blessing of the Fleet at sea with the priest who boarded especially for the occasion…

The Fête du Nautisme (National Sailing and Water sports Festival) will take place on 6th July 2014 throughout France. It will kick off the summer season. On this particular day, you will be able to learn more about the wide range of water sports activities, meet passionate people involved in those sports or try a particular sport with a warm welcome and the best advice.