Seine-Maritime exemplifies the art of good food that is associated to Normandy through the abundance of local farm products you can find there. Local producers are proud to offer their products on the various markets throughout the department:

goat cheese, creamy or ripe Neufchâtel cheese, farm eggs, cream, grain-fed poultry, jams, seasonal fruits (especially apples), scallops (from October to May), freshly caught fish and seafood, honey, cider, Pommeau, apple juice, etc.

There's something to suit all tastes in Seine-Maritime! Fish lovers should go to markets in seaside towns along the Alabaster Coast: Etretat (on Thursdays), Dieppe and Fécamp (on Saturdays), Le Tréport (on Tuesdays), Veules-les-Roses and Yport (on Wednesdays), etc.

If you are staying in cities, don't miss the renowned market Clos Saint-Marc in Rouen on Sundays, or the one in Sotteville-les-Rouen (one of the biggest), on Sundays too.

Markets in the nice little villages along the River Seine are also full of charm: Caudebec-en-Caux (on Saturdays), Duclair (on Tuesdays), La Bouille (on Wednesdays), etc.


An authentic countryside

The Pays de Bray and the Pays de Caux are full of little villages that hold a weekly market, bringing the skills of local producers to the fore under their old market hall or in the town square. Each market has its own importance and offers its specialties while showcasing the best of the area's talent. Thus cheesemakers, livestock farmers, market gardeners, beekeepers love their products and talk about them to visitors while offering small samples to taste: Neufchâtel cheese, goat cheese, etc. It's on the market in Buchy on Monday mornings, one of the rare live markets in Seine-Maritime, that you will meet the greatest number of livestock farmers - chicken, guinea fowls and other galliformes, rabbits, goats, etc. - who proudly exhibit their animals, which children rush to pat. People come here for the traditional atmosphere of the place, the extraordinary encounter with the farmers and especially for the local products to bring back home to cook .