A historic border between Normandy and Picardy, the river Bresle has been since ancient times, a strategic region located between the sea and the forest.

This location has played an important role in the development of glasswork, which appeared in Normandy as early as the Roman Empire. This tradition, still very strong, really started to develop during the 14th century in the forest of Eu: wood was used to stoke the ovens, fern ash and sand allowed to make pate de verre…

The number of glass factories increased in the 19th century with the development of coal and the creation of railway lines. Today, this trade employs about 7,000 workers. Some 60 companies are located in the valley where about 75% of the world production of luxury glass bottles is made!

The most famous perfume brands, including Guerlain, Dior, Channel…  require the Glass Valley's know-how, which is unique in the world and which reflects in its creations the tradition of luxury "Made in France"!

Learn more about this know-how at the Musée des Traditions Verrières (Glass Traditions Museum) in Eu. This museum is devoted to the history of glass and the evolution of techniques, and more especially concerned with luxury glass bottles for perfumes. Another idea of what to visit: the Musée du Verre (Glass museum) in Blangy-sur-Bresle, in the heart of the pretty Manoir de Fontaine, which highlights local and often prestigious pieces.