Meeting the local people

The “Seinomarins” (the Seine Maritime inhabitants) like their traditions, share their knowledge and make you discover their land in a very simple way ! Have a gastronomic break in a restaurant, a farm or a countryside café around the path to discover the cooking and the land traditions.

The fleeting time of flax

The sight does not last but its poetry leaves imperishable memories to those who contemplate this wonderful moment of nature. In June, with its blooming, the flax celebrates the beginning of summer in a beautiful way. A burst of blue… At this time, the sky and the countryside make one. The flax purity takes its entire dimension when it is used for textile and cooking.

The best of the cooking

The Seine-Maritime cooking is known to be one of the best in France and is famous thanks to the richness of the land and its unique gastronomic specialities such as the “canard à la rouennaise” (duck speciality from Rouen). The mastery and the culinary art of the great chefs, such as Gilles Tournadre in Rouen, Jean-Luc Tartarin in le Havre, Loïc Henry in Jumièges and David Goërne in Rétival, have widely contributed to this deserved reputation.

Life on the markets

Thanks to its generous land and to its artisans’ dynamism, the markets of Seine-Maritime are always crowded and convivial. A vitality you can feel strolling on the alleys of the markets of the Coast, of the Seine valley or of the countryside… Their various stalls, full of colours and quality products, make places that already do not lack of vitality live.