Seine-Maritime's cuisine is full of different products:

the countryside provides uncommon products such as watercress or very popular ones like apples, of which many different varieties are grown. Along the Alabaster Coast there is an abundant supply of seafood. Poultry are also very common in local recipes: duck from Rouen or chicken from Gournay are popular ingredients in our plates. Flax also has a rightful place in Seine-Maritime's cuisine. It adds a slightly sweet twist and a nutty flavour to dishes and cakes with its seeds and oil. Apple cider* brightens up or goes well with sweet and savoury dishes (chicken or rabbit are delicious when prepared with cider and farm crème fraiche). Seine-Maritime is also the birthplace of Neufchâtel, this cheese shaped like a heart or a brick that can be used in all sorts of dishes: in quiches, hamburgers, soups or over the top of a potato gratin!


We have got many classic and traditional recipes in store for you! We strongly recommend you to taste the Duckling à la Rouennaise, also called "Duck in Blood Sauce" from Rouen, the "Douillon", a speciality from Elbeuf (an apple baked in puff pastry), the "Marmite Dieppoise" (Dieppe fish stew), the suckling pig and lots of others


Try the recipes that we share every Thursday on our Facebook page and our blogs or show your cooking skills by creating your own recipes using products from Seine-Maritime!


*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, please drink responsibly