The incredible
royal city of Eu

In between the Baie de Somme and the Alabaster Coast, the town of Eu, located in the heart of the Bresle valley, is well worth a visit. Second most important city in Upper-Normandy after Rouen in terms of number of Historic Monuments, this little town of 7,000 inhabitants has long, beautiful stories to tell.  

Here, William the Conqueror married Matilda of Flanders. This is also where Laurent O’Toole, Archbishop of Dublin, breathed his last. Joan of Arc spent one night in the town. Henry I, Duke of Guise, and Catherine of Cleves had the chateau built around 1575. La Grande Mademoiselle, Anne Marie Louise d'Orléans, Duchess of Montpensier, Louis XIV's first cousin settled down here.

Queen Victoria and King Louis-Philippe signed the entente cordiale in the chateau d'Eu. Viollet-le-Duc renovated the chateau from 1874 and to his death in 1879. The Brazilian Imperial family lived there too. Turner held his palette there. Let's stop here as the list goes on and on… The little picturesque streets of Eu reveal an important historical and cultural heritage: the collegiate church, a masterpiece of 13th century Gothic architecture, the Castle-Museum, the chapel of the Jesuit College dedicated to Ignatius of Loyola, founder of this religious order, the magnificent proscenium theatre, a Baroque music scene... You have to experience the heritage to understand the exceptional history of this town.


The last royal estate of France will surprise and charm you. Eu does not only offer its architectural heritage and its history, it also has its glass-making tradition.

The Glass Traditions Museum is devoted to the history of glass-making from its origins to the present day, focusing especially on luxury glass-bottles, the speciality of the Bresle valley, which remains the world's first hub for the production of luxury glass bottles for the most important fashion houses.