Just like the Alabaster Coast, Seine-Maritime's countryside boasts remarkable gardens.

The Pays de Bray, in particular, houses a great number of them. In Bois-Guilbert, Jean-Marc and Stéphanie will welcome you to their sculpture garden. Jean-Marc, a renowned sculptor has ornamented the park surrounding the chateau with beautiful sculptures, a true call for romanticism and contemplation. The garden of Bois-Guilbert is thus a place you should absolutely visit, just like the Jardin de Valérianes located not far from there in Bosc-Roger-sur-Buchy.

 Further away, there are the Jardins d’Agapanthe created by Alexandre Thomas and seen in Stéphane Bern's TV programme, "the French's favourite garden". These luxurious gardens lead the visitors to explore two places, which are separated by 20 years but give the impression of having the same age. These contemporary gardens, combining minerals and plants, provide the perfect setting for an intimate stroll.

 In Auzouville-sur-Ry, the Jardin Plume is worth visiting. With a contemporary approach, this garden displays a central orchard, a mirror pool, perennials, etc.

A place to explore that cannot leave anyone indifferent.

 As for the Jardins de Bellevue in Beaumont-le-Hareng, they are located in an exceptional site and offer an interesting walk through a botanical garden covering 14 acres comprising Christmas roses from Turkey, Chinese peonies and Himalayan blue poppies among others.

Finally, in Montmain, the Jardins d’Angélique immerse visitors in a British atmosphere where luxuriant garden alleys unfold in front of the splendid manor house. This garden, in memory of the owners' daughter, displays a wide variety of antique roses and hydrangeas.

 More gardens complete the list of remarkable gardens in Seine-Maritime: the Jardin du Mesnil in Montérolier, which displays numerous species of trees from all over the world planted on 9 acres, the water gardens of the chateau in Imbleville, the park surrounding the Château de Galleville in Doudeville as well as the vegetable garden in the Château de Miromesnil in Tourville-sur-Arques.