The Pays de Bray is an extraordinary playground for those who enjoy doing sport in the great outdoors.

The forest of Eawy (old French spelling of water), one of the most beautiful beech groves in France (17,297 acres), is particularly popular among horse riders. If you have a walk there, you will likely run across riders mounted on their horses on one of the beautiful trails under the trees indicated by one of the numerous horse ridings centres in the area.  Or a lonely horse rider hoping to see a deer or doe coming out in front of him/her.

Not far from the forest of Eawy, the river Varenne, running through a very pretty valley from Saint-Saëns towards Dieppe, allows visitors to indulge in canoeing and kayaking. During summer, you can hire your kayak or canoe in Muchedent. The town where Rêve de bisons is located, a place that invites you to discover an impressive bison herd. It is surprising to find an Indian village in between two hills (a restaurant in a giant tepee, tepees to spend the night), a culture that the owner is passionate about.

The London-Paris Avenue Verte (Greenway) offers great opportunities for walking and hiking with friends or family. A former railway line, which is perfect to cycle safely and only accessible to hikers and bike riders, that winds along 40 km (24 miles) through the fields and the most beautiful villages of the Pays de Bray to reach Dieppe. In Beaubec-la-Rosière, you can even amble along the Avenue Verte accompanied by a donkey. There are numerous picnic areas and a restaurant in the former railway station in Beaubec-la-Rosière.

For golf enthusiasts, the golf course of Saint-Saëns (18 holes) is unique thanks to the natural beauty of its 80 ha (197 acres) estate surrounding its château and dovecote. The river running along the golf course, its beech trees and oaks that are several-hundred-years-old are part of the charm of this remarkable place, ideally located in front of the forest of Eawy.