The Alabaster Coast, which stretches over 130 km (80 miles) along the Channel, provides plenty of water sports activities both in summer and winter!

It is not unusual to see surfers catch the waves in January in Veules-les-Roses or kayaks gliding peacefully in front of Fécamp on a Sunday morning in winter! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced enthusiast, summer is of course the ideal season to indulge in water sports activities. Why not, for instance, kill two birds with one stone: try stand up paddle surfing in Etretat and get close to this natural curiosity, symbol of Seine-Maritime.

 Many schools and water sports clubs welcome you along the Alabaster Coast. You will thus be able to have your first scuba diving experience, learn how to sail a catamaran, teach your children dinghy sailing, go finswimming or go on sea kayak tours!

 Le Havre is the leading maritime city in France thanks to its 3,000 members of water sports clubs, its new marina and its numerous water sports clubs! So many features that enabled the city to be awarded 3 stars by the association "France station nautique".

In 2017, Le Havre will offer boat owners the symbolic number of 2017 moorings to fasten their boats in the city centre.

 The number of cruise calls increases every year: 108 in 2012 and more than 120 in 2013. 2014 should set a new record with more than 130 calls planned! Le Havre is becoming the first cruise port along the Channel and the Atlantic Coast.

 The town of Saint-Valery-en-Caux has remodelled its seafront with a water play area, a paddling pool, a sand pit and new beach huts on the promenade along the beach. Its marina can accommodate about 550 boats.

 In Dieppe, a new dry dock has been set up in the Pollet district. It can house more than 300 small motor boats. The marina, located in the heart of the city in front of the beautiful houses along the Quai Henri IV, provides 500 moorings including 50 for visitors only.

 Fécamp has made available a new storage yard that can accommodate 180 boats.

A blessing for those looking for a berth for their boat and willing to avoid never-ending waiting lists. The other advantage is that you only have to make a phone call to ask to launch your boat and you're ready to board…