With more than 130 km (80 miles) of coast, Seine-Maritime has a stunning coastline. With intimate "valleuses" (dry-hanging valleys), little fishing villages and large seaside towns, Seine-Maritime's coastline boasts plenty of attractions to discover or rediscover.

 The 5 major seaside towns along the coast are very different but complement one another.

In the south, at the mouth of the river Seine, stands proudly the city of Le Havre, dubbed the "Cité Océane" (maritime city). Set up by Francis I, the city of Le Havre is getting ready to celebrate its 500th anniversary in 2017. From the time of its construction to the present day, the city has always revolved around the sea. First a military port, then a commercial port, a fishing port, a cruise port, a marina, etc. this seaside city reaffirms its position as the maritime capital of the region. Having a walk there is the best way to experience the true atmosphere of a maritime city: its ports, its beach, its fish market, the boats coming and going…

 Further north along the coast, the former city of the Newfoundland fishermen and of the Dukes of Normandy is also a seaside town full of character. The rhythm of the tide governs the life of Fécamp, known throughout the world for its Benedictine liqueur. It used to be an important fishing port but the fishing activity reduced over the years and allowed tourism and sailing to develop. Fécamp still is a very pleasant seaside town close to the famous cliffs of Etretat. The Musée des Pêcheries (Fisheries Museum), which will open soon, will pay tribute to the cod-fishing history and to the fishermen's lives who left for months at sea off the coast of Iceland and Greenland and made the city's wealth.

 Saint-Valéry-en-Caux is a small seaside town whose port is easily accessible according to the tide. A few fishermen still live there and its marina is located in the heart of the town centre.

 Dieppe, the scallop capital, the town with 4 ports that gathers sailing ships, trawlers, container ships and ferries and Le Tréport, located on the northern border of Seine-Maritime, close to the Baie de Somme, complete the list of pretty seaside towns along the coast of Seine-Maritime. These seaside towns are living to the rhythm of the tides, of the fishing industry and sailing activities. Authentic towns that have managed to keep their culture and traditions alive and to preserve this coastal art de vivre.

Sea festivals, herring festivals, sailing and water sports events, scallop festivals are all opportunities to celebrate the sea and all the sea-related occupations all year round.