The Alabaster Coast provides plenty of really fresh seafood products to the delight of food lovers!

 The three main fishing ports in Seine-Maritime are located in the "valleuses" (dry-hanging valleys) of Dieppe and Fécamp, sheltered by the chalk cliffs, as well as at the mouth of the Seine estuary in Le Havre. The fishing areas stretch from the Channel to the North Sea for sea going vessels and along the coast for small-scale fishing. Fish can be bought directly from the fishermen in many places.

 Among the numerous seafood products available, there are lobsters, brown shrimps sold alive on the stalls, periwinkles and whelks, sole, turbot, brill, plaice, mackerel, sea trout, cuttlefish, whiting, velvet swimming crabs...

The most popular products are obviously the scallop and the herring. Those two products give rise to popular food events which take place in autumn in the coastal towns to celebrate the opening of the fishing season.

 You can also try your hand at shellfish picking during the high tides and cook your own products! This activity will delight the children (and the grown-ups) who will enjoy learning more about the life on the shore while looking for periwinkles and mussels under the rocks equipped with their boots and bucket!