In your school books, seen from the sky on TV or in the travel guides that you brought along, the cliffs soar up splendidly. You think you know all about this "Alabaster Eiffel Tower", listed in the "Grands Sites de France" Operation? Follow me!

Whether you are an athlete, a visitor, coming with your family or as a couple...the cliffs unfold before your eyes. From the beach, you will never get tired of looking from the Amont Cliff to the Aval Cliff. But it is of course the Hollow Needle, Arsène Lupin's cliff, that is intriguing, fascinating…. The children will think it looks like an elephant with its trunk in the water! So did Guy de Maupassant. This place has inspired many famous artists and keeps attracting a lot of painters, photographers and writers.

OK, come on, let's walk up the gentle and readily accessible hill towards the Aval cliff. On your way, you will quickly reach an ideally-situated viewpoint, let's have a break to contemplate this open-air spectacle; take time to capture the lights, the colours and the sea. In front of you in the distance, you can see the Amont cliff and the Chapel Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde, dedicated to the protection of sailors.

Let's carry on and follow the path to the Manneporte, a larger cliff located behind the Aval cliff. We are not alone, seagulls have settled there. On the left, golfers do not get distracted and are perfecting their swing.

Let's carry on to the "Chambre des Demoiselles" (Ladies' room), a small natural cave formed by the wind over time.

In summer, just like in winter, you will always have the same impression, you will be filled with this great sense of freedom, of happiness and impressed by this outstanding nature.