Circuit Hommes nouveaux - Art Nouveau

Côte d'Albâtre


Follow in the footsteps of the men who have marked the history of Fécamp thanks to a fascinating and pleasant walk! This nice walk, thanks to which you will learn a lot, will take you to see 5 key places of the town. Families, beginners or experienced walkers are welcome to this walk.

The starting point of this walk is the "Pavillon de l’enfance" (The House of Childhood") founded by Léon Dufour in the 20th century. This doctor, founder of modern paediatrics, helped babies thanks to his work called "The Drop of Milk". This trail allows you to admire the local architectural of Fécamp. There is nothing easier, just open your eyes and enjoy! The monument that pays tribute to the Sailors Lost at Sea and the Villa Emilie follow one another. This stone building, designed by the architect Olivier Le Bègue, is part of the Art Nouveau movement, unusual for the time in the region.

Then comes the renowned Benedictine Palace, which is both a factory and a museum where the famous Bénédictine® Liqueur is still made. Feel free to visit it to learn more about the mysterious origin of this elixir consisting in 27 plants and spices. With its architecture and liqueur, the Benedictine Palace offers a cultural, gourmet and sensory experience. A treat for your taste buds! (Please note, alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Please drink responsibly).

Make the most of your walk through Fécamp's shopping street to discover the shops and small boutiques that bring the town centre to life. And if you want to see another facet of Fécamp, the town has 4 heritage trails that you will find in the brochure "Laissez-vous conter Fécamp" (Listen to the story of Fécamp) whose link is on this page.

Leaves from  : FECAMP, Pavillon de l'Enfance, Boulevard de la République
Arrives at  : FECAMP, Palais Bénédictine

Theme : Discovery


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