Le Bois des Communes

76119 VARENGEVILLE-SUR-MER / Côte d'Albâtre

Along the coastal path, the Bois des Communes is located at the top of the cliff facing the English Channel. What sets this site apart is the presence, over several hectares, of a wet woodland, of ponds and of heathland, similar to what can be seen in Brittany. These habitats thus attract remarkable dragonflies and amphibians (frogs, newts, salamanders). Just like Cap d’Ailly, the subsoil features original geological formations that cause frequent landslides towards the sea, creating small unstable cliffs, called "frettes", a particular feature of the coastline.
A former community pasture where the inhabitants took their cattle to graze, the Bois des Communes was also exploited for the subsoil gravel that was used in road works and house construction. Traces are still visible today. After the site was disused, the heathland was progressively threatened, leading to the disappearance of some plant and animal species. The restoration of the site since 1993, allows heathland to slowly grow back.
This site belongs to the town of Varengeville-sur-Mer and is managed by the Department of Seine-Maritime in partnership with the Dieppe Maritime local council.

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