Le Bois de Bernouville

76550 HAUTOT-SUR-MER / Côte d'Albâtre

The Lower Scie Valley, consisting in wet pasture meadows and ponds, is typical of Seine-Maritime's littoral. A traditional barn of the Pays de Caux is located in the heart of the lower valley. It was painted by Claude Monet, which gave it an important heritage dimension.

The Bernouville Wood is one of the rare forests close to the coast. It is home to oxlip primroses, daffodils and numerous ferns in the undergrowth. There are also many bird species (European crested tit, Tawny owl, etc.) and remarkable amphibians (frogs, newts, etc.). The Bernouville Wood also houses the ruins and moat of a medieval castle dating back to 11th century. This site was highly strategic as it was used as a lookout post to watch over the Normandy Coast. The forest was planted in the 19th century around the ruins.

Numerous paths allow you to explore the wood and the ruins as well as take in a stunning view over the Scie Valley.

This site belongs to the Conservatoire du littoral (Coastal protection agency), and is managed by the Department of Seine-Maritime in partnership with the Dieppe Maritime local council.

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