Eawy Forest

76680 SAINT-SAENS / Pays de Bray

This beautiful Pays de Bray forest is one of the biggest beech groves in France. It offers splendid panoramic views and colours all year round, an ideal place for a walk and nature activities. Whether on foot, by bike or on horseback, you will admire its beautiful beech trees, including some remarkable ones, and you might even be lucky enough to see wild animals (roe deer, does, fawns, boars, etc.). The numerous facilities and picnic tables, such as Carcahoux and the Puit Merveilleux (a 25 metre-deep hole) will allow you to spend a pleasant time with your family or friends.

The Forest of Eawy (pronounced eavi) gathers 7 200 hectares of slope and plateau between the valleys of the Varenne and the Béthune, crossed by an alley of 14km long called Allée des Limousins.

Do not miss : the cast-iron indication posts, the "Allée des Limousins", the Val Ygot site in Ardouval, former V1 launch base, plot 214, the "Chemin des Ecoliers", the carcahoux, plot 360, the Saint Etienne Chapel, plot 290, the garden named "le jardin du Roi de Rome", plot 269, the Pimont viewpoint, plot 470, The "puits merveilleux", plot 414.


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