Le Jardin Agapanthe

1 Impasse d'Agapanthe 76850 GRIGNEUSEVILLE / Pays de Bray

In the heart of the Pays de Bray, in the small village of Grigneuseville, the Agapanthe Garden provides an intimate setting for a walk in a site with a contemporary touch. Seen in 2013 in the TV show "Le Jardin préféré des Français” ("French Favourite Garden"), Alexandre Thomas has turned this place into his green laboratory combining modernity and reverie. The garden spreads over almost one hectare (2.5 acres).

Entering the Agapanthe Garden is like entering a secret garden. I discovered a luxuriant, exuberant natural environment. Everywhere I looked, there was a profusion of colours and beauty. The garden paths are covered with sand or paving stones, which beautifully enhance the flowers planted on both sides. A waymarked trail guided me through the winding paths and I strolled among the flowers, perennials, grasses and trees with the pleasant feeling of being immersed in a cocoon. This green maze is more than surprising as it combines contemporary features and elements evoking Antiquity. The atmosphere changed as I walked through this succession of terraces. I was amazed by the details in the garden, the decoration, the garden furniture made of metal. I passed under arches covered in plants and I had the impression of exploring in a dream. The silence was interrupted by birdsongs, offering me a pleasant melody to continue my walk. This place never stopped to surprise me and arouse my curiosity. There was always a new unexpected element to make me smile along the way. There are water features scattered throughout the garden, adding a soft, barely perceptible sound of water. The site is not flat, it looked like the garden was full of movements. It was filled with life and it led drew me along. I walked through intimate, almost enclosed areas, and vast open spaces providing me with a big breath of fresh air. There were chairs available there, creating a meeting place with the other visitors, who we barely see otherwise in this intricate network of paths that I enjoyed exploring.

During my walk, I saw a small bowling green planted with lavender and surrounded by hedges, accessible through a splendid wrought-iron gate. Once again the main theme is Antiquity with stone columns and the fountain. I walked between the plants of lavender revelling in theirheady and delicious fragrance that reminded me of childhood memories. Not far from there, I sat down a few minutes on a bench to immerse myself in the zen-like atmosphere. The place was very relaxing, soothing and the atmosphere was meditative. I ended his wonderful visit on this note.

Gardener's creation, Botanical garden, Plant collection, Contemporary


28 April 2023 to 03 September 2023
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Closed
Friday 14:00 - 19:00
Saturday 14:00 - 19:00
Sunday 14:00 - 19:00

Facilities : Plant nursery / Plant sales

Private visits

The visit lasts approximately : 120 min


Base rate - full rate adult From 12.00€
Child rate to 16 years old From 8.00€

Methods of payment : Postal or bank cheques, Cash

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