Le Bois du Roule

76160 DARNETAL / Vallée de Seine

Overlooking the Côte du Roule (Roule Hillside), another Sensitive Natural Area of Seine-Maritime, the Bois du Roule (Roule Wood) offers an exceptional panoramic view over the city of Rouen and the Aubette Valley. It has varied woodlands (oak, beech, birch, etc.) and in spring, a fragrant purple blanket of bluebells covers the undergrowth. All year round, a wide array of bird species can be seen in the heart of the wood.
The Roule Wood was bought by the town of Darnétal in 1935. It was partly cleared-cut in 1941 by the German occupation army to build an ammunition depot. After the war, the wooden barracks that had been built there were used to house the youth club. The site is now a protected natural area and a place to relax and enjoy leisure activities, it also houses the “Maison des Forêts”, Forest Visitor Centre of the Normandy Rouen Metropole.
This site belongs to the town of Darnétal.

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