Les Jardins de Bellevue

1785 Route d'Eawy 76850 BEAUMONT-LE-HARENG / Pays de Bray

In the heart of the Pays de Bray in the town of Beaumont-le-Hareng, come and explore the Bellevue Garden and enjoy a botanical tour guided by the four seasons. Following in the footsteps of great explorer, you will travel across the five continents and be amazed by this 15-acre park planted with rare species… Hellebores, prunus, magnolias, dove trees, dogwoods, hydrangeas will be your guide and will delight both amateurs and experts.

We arrived at Alexis’ who welcomed us to his family garden! Before we started our walk, he gave us a map that would guide us through the park that has not finished revealing its secrets... We reached the garden via stairs: step after step, we felt more and more overwhelmed by well-being and joy. Could this be the entrance to paradise?

Walking in the Bellevue Garden is similar to walking in a forest. You feel like taking a contemplative walk and taking in everything through your senses. We looked up towards the sky and we saw the rays of the sun shine through the leaves and the wind gently rustling them. In this relaxing atmosphere, even mysterious, we almost whispered faced with the immensity of the trees. The deeper we went into the forest, the more we felt connected to it, as if soaking up its passion and tranquillity. Each clump of trees, each species seemed to invite us to admire it and enjoy its aroma and its beauty. The contrasting colours of the flowers attract our eyes in the middle of this woodland landscape that seem to encompass all the shades of green.

After a bend in the path, we met Alexis who was happy to share his knowledge with us, and with enthusiasm and humour! He told us about several species, each having surprising characteristics. We looked towards a tree whose bark was so particular and seemed to be peeling: a prunus! We were like children again amazed by the wonders nature has to offer. It was as if we were discovering things for the first time, or nearly! In the distance, we spotted what seemed to be a vast green space. We headed towards this clearing with curiosity, and only one word came to mind: wow! With this feeling of rebirth, we left the charming forest for a huge meadow that contains an arboretum. The contrast with the forest was striking and we could see the shades of blue of the sky that we couldn't see before. As we enjoyed a breath of fresh air in the heart of this vast expanse, we were blown away by a breathtaking view of the Eawy Valley. Facing this sight that we observed like a work of art, we smiled as we understood the name of the garden Bellevue (literally meaning beautiful view) takes its meaning…

For sure, we would leave this garden relaxed with beautiful pictures in mind.


15 February 2023 to 15 December 2023
Horaire NC

Facilities : Plant nursery / Plant sales

Languages spoken  : English


Base rate - full rate adult From 8.00€
Child rate to 18 years old From 5.30€
Base rate - full rate adult From 70.00€

Methods of payment : Postal or bank cheques, Cash

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