The Cordiers' (Line Fishers) Neighbourhood

If, as we recommend, you arrive in Le Tréport with the funicular railway or the steps going down the highest chalk cliffs in Europe (106 metres - 348 ft.)...

... You will end up in the emblematic Cordiers' Neighbourhood, which was the fishermen's neighbourhood. This one is famous for its architecture consisting of high narrow houses ornamented with wrought-iron balconies and bow-windows. Some are decorated with earthenware or stoneware ceramic tiles and have funny names. The name of the neighbourhood comes from the line fishers, fishermen who were too poor to buy nets and who used to fish with long fishing lines with hooks.


The construction of the Cordiers' neighbourhood started at the beginning of the 18th century. During the Second World War, the Atlantic Wall started there which led to the destruction of a part of the neighbourhood, razed to the ground to build the Wall.