Popular Events in Le Tréport

The sea and seafood are celebrated every year and attract many visitors to Le Tréport.

The maritime town of Le Tréport organises the Sea Festival every two years in July in order to pay tribute to sailors lost at sea. Seamen of the merchant navy, the French Navy, sea rescue teams, leisure boat owners, etc. get together. A flag-raising ceremony takes place in front of a large number of spectators among which there are the fishermen's young children or grandchildren who carry boxes of wheat and salt, which are signs of prosperity, while the older children build model boats.

On that day, numerous fishing boats, about thirty pleasure boats and military vessels leave the harbour in turns to gather at sea to celebrate Mass and the Blessing of the Fleet.


In November, Le Tréport celebrates the return of the herring with its traditional Herring Festival, which also takes place in many other ports in Seine-Maritime. This North Sea fish passes close to the coast of Seine-Maritime during one month. This event is an opportunity to organise many activities and entertainment. You will be able to listen to sea shanties and try herring fillets, marinated and grilled herrings and bloaters!


Mussels are also products of the sea that are celebrated by the people from Le Tréport. It has been celebrated every single summer since 1978 over a whole weekend marked by tastings and festivities! A great opportunity to taste fresh products and new recipes in a pleasant atmosphere!