Markets are held on Tuesdays and Saturday mornings in Le Tréport.

It is the best opportunity to discover the freshly-caught local products at the fish market!

 Le Tréport's municipal fish market is located near the Cordiers' Neighbourhood. It offers a wide range of products in a pretty setting. For instance, you will find red gurnard, plaice, mackerel, pouting, hake, turbot, scallops, mussels, langoustines, sole, monkfish and many other products. Caught in the morning, these treasures from the sea are sold on six stalls that make up this little market dedicated to seafood. The fish and shellfish come from 60 fishermen from Le Tréport.

 A typical and authentic recipe from the city showcases these fresh products: the "omelette tréportaise", an omelette made with mussels and prawns. A must-try!

 The importance of the sea in the local culture is reflected in the many events: the Herring Festival, the Mussel Festival, the Sea Festival, etc.