The most beautiful views in Le Havre

Located at the mouth of the river Seine, Le Havre offers stunning panoramic views.

Take time to admire them.

While visiting Graville Abbey, explore the gardens; you will not be disappointed by the view: Oceane Stadium, port facilities… from here, you will understand the full scope of the port.

In the city centre, the 17th floor of the Town Hall will allow you to admire the whole centre rebuilt by Auguste Perret and to understand the guiding principles of this architecture. If you walk along the beach towards Sainte-Adresse, past the famous building called "Nice Havrais" built by Dufayel, go to the car park of "the far end of the world", it is probably the most spectacular view: the seafront, the entrance of the port, the estuary and the Côte Fleurie (Flower Coast). You can admire the same view from the hills above Le Havre and especially from the Hanging Gardens that offer a beautiful perspective over the Bay of Le Havre.

The stairs are an unusual way to link the upper and lower parts of the city. It offers many interesting views over Le Havre and the estuary. You can also take the funicular railway to link the upper and lower parts of the city.

The view from the Malraux Museum is surprising. Sitting at the museum's restaurant, you can watch the entrance of the port and the boats come and go. An intense show you can also watch from the heart of the port itself, near the Francis I lock to learn more about the port's activity: ships going through the lock, container loading and unloading…

For perspectives, the Avenue Foch is fascinating due to its size but also due to the two buildings located on the south end of the avenue, like a door on the world, a view that invites to head out for the open sea.

On the "Bassin du Commerce", an architectural view will allow you to admire 3 of Le Havre's works of art: the footbridge by Gillet, the "Volcano" by Niemeyer and the steeple of Saint-Joseph Church by Perret.