For those who enjoy simple and tasty flavours, Fécamp boasts a wide range of local products and producers.

The city is brought to life thanks to the herring fairs, markets, etc. During your meals, you will enjoy the quality and variety of fresh fish such as the "Sole Normande"; you'll surprise yourself by wiping your "marmite dieppoise" (Dieppe fish stew) with a piece of bread; you'll take time to enjoy scallops, lightly pan-fried of course, and you won't be able to say no to a piece of cheese. As for beverages, try the local cider or perry. And for dessert, treat yourself to a slice of Norman tart or Cauchoise tart that perfectly combines the taste of apples with cream… End with a glass of "Bénéc ’", the local Benedictine liqueur, Fécamp's little extra!