Saint Trinity Abbey church

This imposing, white and dignified abbey church, testifies to the prestigious past of Fécamp.

Its influence was huge and it was one of the most important abbey churches in Normandy.

It houses relics of the "Holy Blood". Here is the story: one day, the trunk of fig tree that may have carried drops of Christ's blood was washed up ashore in Fécamp. When picked up, it is said that a fountain sprang up, "the Source of the Precious Blood".

Pilgrimage to the relics of the Holy Blood developed and the abbey church would soon be too small for the penitents. A larger building was thus constructed based on the plan of Romanesque churches dedicated to the Holy Trinity. Fire, reconstruction: different styles and centuries of evolution can be distinguished… Nowadays, this majestic masterpiece has been kept intact, the pristine whiteness of its stones and its stained-glass windows light up the building with a rare brightness.