Only until a few years ago, when people would arrive in Dieppe past the fishing port, they could read on a big signboard "Poisson dieppois, poisson de choix" (Fish from Dieppe, top quality fish) … the tone was set!

In Dieppe, whether at the market, in the shops or at the restaurant, the fresh fish caught by the professional fishermen from Dieppe is exceptionally tasty. The "marmite dieppoise" (Dieppe fish stew), the sole "à la dieppoise" (Dover sole served with a white wine sauce and shrimp, mushrooms and mussels), the "lisette à la dieppoise" (small mackerel marinated with cider), etc. are all dishes you can enjoy on the terrace of one of the numerous restaurants in Dieppe. Not to mention all the recipes for scallops as Dieppe is the first French port for scallops.

The grocer, Olivier, located Rue Saint-Jacques is a place food lovers must visit. The owner, who matures the cheese himself in his cellar, chooses products from all origins,  each one more tasty than the other. If you have a sweet tooth, you will have to try the "étoile de mer" (starfish) from the Fournil (in the Grande Rue) or the "pâté aux poires de Fiset", a pie made with particular local pears.

You shouldn't miss the Saturday market: all the local producers are there and you will be able to find goat cheese, creamy or ripe Neufchâtel cheese, farmhouse cream and eggs, scallops, (from October to May) and fresh fish caught during the night or grain-fed poultry, etc. And before you leave, make the most of the sunshine to enjoy a cup of tea on one of the terraces along the Quai Henri IV or at the Café des Tribunaux. During the week, a market is held Place Nationale on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

A distinctive feature from Dieppe: fish is sold at the "gates", located at the beginning of the Quai Henri IV where about ten fishermen from Dieppe sell their freshly-caught fish every morning directly to consumers and restaurants.

Just like everywhere else in Normandy, Dieppe highlights local produce and specialties!