Along the river Eaulne

Pays de Bray


A hiking trail with splendid views over the Eaulne Valley.

Shoelaces done, water bottles filled, here are, equipped and ready to explore the Pays de Bray and more precisely The Eaulne Valley!

Your back to the church, your walk starts with the Route des Hêtres (Beech Road). This tarmac section will gently lead you to the first view point. On a shaded path, you will walk along the royal forest of Mont Auban. You will enjoy an impressive view over a rolling and green landscape, typical of the Eaulne Valley.

Your route continues through fields to reach the small river Eaulne that has its source in the village of Mortemer. By following this refreshing river, you will walk back to the village of Sainte-Beuve-en-Rivière where you will enjoy another view of the church. You may think that the walk is coming to an end, but no, you are only halfway there!

Follow the waymarked path towards the charming village of La Reppe. Take time to look around and admire the surrounding environment. You will see many Norman half-timbered houses. This traditional building technique, dating back to Antiquity, perfectly combines wooden beams and wattle and daub masonry.

You will then reach Route de l’Eaulne and cross part of the valley. You will then arrive in Saint-Germain-sur-Eaulne. In the centre of this welcoming village: the church. Featuring Romanesque architecture, it was mostly built in the 11th century. It was fully renovated after World War II. Full Steeped in history, the religious building has kept its old days' charm.

On the way out of the village, you will see behind Mont Bourel a huge water tower. This is where you are heading! This section will put your endurance to the test, it's going uphill! Make the most of the last tarmac metres to drink a bit of water before starting to climb towards Le Merisier des Bois. In a short time, you will reach a certain height, but it is worth the effort. Once at the top, turn around...a splendid landscape unfolds before your eyes! You will see the long path that you have followed and your starting point. Before starting to walk back down to Sainte-Beuve-en-Rivière, be pleased with yourself for the distance you have covered!

This spectacular and varied walk is about to come to an end. The last section will lead you through fields. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the Pays de Bray, open onto the villages of Sainte-Beuve-en-Rivière and Saint-Germain-sur-Eaulne.

This hilly walk is ideal for nature and sports lovers!

It lasts : 03h 00
Difficulty : Medium
Distance : 12 km
Waymark : Base FFCT
Leaves from  : SAINTE-BEUVE-EN-RIVIERE, Mairie
Arrives at  : SAINTE-BEUVE-EN-RIVIERE, Mairie

Entretien : OFFICE DE TOURISME BRAY EAWY - 02 35 93 22 96

Facilities : Picnic area
Tarred path : 40%

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