Au fil de l'Eaulne à VTT

Pays de Bray


A hiking trail with splendid views over the Eaulne Valley.

A mountain bike ride with remarkable views of the Eaulne Valley. We recommend this itinerary which will delight sportsmen and nature lovers. With its differences in height on either side of the river, it promises you a varied and spectacular ride. Don't forget your helmet and goggles! You can also bring a backpack with the basic equipment (water bottle, snacks and bicycle repair kit).

Type of tour : Mountain bike
It lasts : 01h 30
Difficulty : Medium
Distance : 12 km
Waymark : Base FFCT
Leaves from  : SAINTE-BEUVE-EN-RIVIERE, Mairie
Arrives at  : SAINTE-BEUVE-EN-RIVIERE, Mairie

Entretien : OFFICE DE TOURISME BRAY EAWY - 02 35 93 22 96 - tourisme@brayeawy

Facilities : Picnic area Refuge
Tarred path : 40%

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