Le Val de l'Abbesse

Vallée de Seine


Overlooking the river Seine, this path is steeped in legend…

Legend has it that the martyrdom of Saint-Honorine took place on the outskirts of this circuit, near the Lillebonne-Harfleur Roman road. Saint-Honorine, a young Christian woman who wanted to marry a Roman soldier, would have remained faithful to her faith. This would have been worth to her to be slaughtered, her body to be thrown in the Seine and brought back on land in Graville, place thereafter called Graville-Sainte-Honorine.

It lasts : 03h 00
Difficulty : Medium
Distance : 11,1 km
Leaves from  : SAINT-NICOLAS-DE-LA-TAILLE, A la mairie
Arrives at  : SAINT-NICOLAS-DE-LA-TAILLE, A la mairie

Entretien : OFFICE DE TOURISME CAUX VALLÉE DE SEINE - 02 32 70 46 32 -

Facilities : Picnic area
Tarred path : 61%

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