Le Beau Soleil

Vallée de Seine


A very nice walk to get out into the country. This trail is dedicated to pleasure and tranquillity!

The villages of Saint-Gilles-de-Crétot and Saint-Aubin-de-Crétot were originally one and only village and belonged to Saint-Georges-de-Boscherville Abbey. These two villages used to be in a forest whose thickets are now only clumps of trees. A small valley used to separate the two villages, which later became the Caudebec and Saint Gertrude Valley.

It lasts : 02h 00
Difficulty : Easy
Distance : 7 km
Leaves from  : SAINT-GILLES-DE-CRETOT, Eglise Saint-Gilles

Entretien : OFFICE DE TOURISME CAUX VALLÉE DE SEINE - 02 32 70 46 32 -

Facilities : Picnic area
Tarred path : 58%

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