Itinéraire impressionniste "L'instant impressionniste"

Vallée de Seine


This itinerary includes 4 Information panel.

This itinerary will take you half a day walking but take a whole day in order to enjoy the wonders of the town architecture. Start from the cathedral, stroll through the narrow streets and squares lined with half-timbered houses that remind of the Middle Age and admire the beautiful 18th century mansions, witnesses of the wealth of Rouen.

Walk on the “ rue (street) du Gros-Horloge ”, a renovated belfry that inspired Jules Lemaitre, a painter from the school of Rouen, and go until the square of “ Le Vieux-Marché ”. You will also see many churches with extraordinary stained-glass windows: Saint-Ouen, Saint-Maclou, Sainte Jeanne d’Arc.

Type of tour : Multi-purpose
Leaves from  : ROUEN
Arrives at  : BONSECOURS

Theme : Cultural, Impressionism, Impressionism

Entretien : SEINE-MARITIME ATTRACTIVITE - 02 35 12 10 10

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