Par les sentes à paniers

Côte d'Albâtre


Let's go for a walk through the town of Luneray, along the "wheelbarrow footpaths". You don't know these footpaths? Here is a good reason to come to explore them! A pleasant and short walk, accessible to everyone, following the architectural heritage of the "wheelbarrow village".

But first of all, a little bit of history to learn more about the "sentes à panier" (wheelbarrow footpaths), the main theme of this walk. These paths are footpaths, sort of backroads, formerly used by the inhabitants to carry their skeins with wheelbarrows. Skeins are balls of woven yarn made with linen and wool. Hence the name Luneray, also known as the "wheelbarrow village"!

Come and follow these footpaths to explore the village's heritage sites. You will be able to admire Saint Rémi Church and its remarkable wooden porch as well as the Protestant Temple with its big openings that bring light into the building. This Pays de Caux village has long been the farmers and weavers' village. Even today, you can still see traces of this heritage with the skein drying oven and the gorgeous farmhouse in the Ronchay neighbourhood.

You will enjoy the peace and quiet of the footpaths that run behind the gardens. A bit like a secret tour of Luneray, along grass backroads, only known by locals. So, what do you say?

Leaves from  : LUNERAY, Parking du tennis, chemin des Hortensias
Arrives at  : LUNERAY, Parking du tennis, chemin des Hortensias

Theme : Discovery

Entretien : OFFICE DE TOURISME TERROIR DE CAUX - 02 35 04 08 32 -

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