Circuit La Coudrette

Vallée de Seine



A trail without any difficulty in a less busy part of the state forest north of Rouen.

Head for Houpeville for a 2-in-1 walk! Two routes form a 2-hour-and-30-minute-long circular walk in the heart of a beautiful beech grove. This route crosses the state forest Forêt Verte, which forms, together with the forests of La Londe-Rouveray and Roumare, a real green lung in the heart of the meanders of the river Seine. A significant natural heritage that covers more than a third of the Rouen Urban Area and delights its inhabitants.

You can start with the first loop that follows the forest track. You are directly drawn to the smell of the wet trees, which are maintained in a sustainable way by the National Forest Office. Then, it is the section at the top of the "Longs Vallons", which will surprise you with its deep dry cleft and the spectacular view over the bottom of the valley. Depending on the season, you will be able to admire various grasses, butterflies, grasshoppers and other insects in this meadow area. And do you notice the noise of the city, until then unheard that can now be heard across this narrow cleft.

After a few steps, you will go deeper and deeper into the forest again, close to a grove of resinous trees, where you might be lucky to see deer or other mammals. If you are quiet, of course! Then, there is an easy climb and here you are, already back to your starting point. Do you still have energy? Then it's time to carry on with the second loop, a bit more challenging than the first one.

You will start with walking down before reaching some houses. Indeed, this peaceful route in the forest made you almost forget how close you are to the town of Notre-Dame-de-Bondeville. Make the most of the peace and quiet of the flat and peaceful path winding through the forest, because it's a short but steep descent followed by an easy climb in the shade of the beech trees that lie ahead. But take time anyway to stop and soak in the prevailing peace and quiet before returning to the start point.

The "Coudrette" is a walk to do in all seasons, both for beginners and experienced walkers! So, are you convinced?

It lasts : 02h 30
Difficulty : Medium
Distance : 6,3 km
Leaves from  : HOUPPEVILLE, Parking de la Coudrette
Arrives at  : HOUPPEVILLE, Parking de la Coudrette

Theme : Panorama

Entretien : MÉTROPOLE ROUEN NORMANDIE - 02 32 76 84 76 -

Tarred path : 77%

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