Circuit le Petit Essart

Vallée de Seine



A green trail at the heart of the state forest of La Londe-Rouvray and the Département's forest of "Bois des Pères".

A green getaway in the heart of the forest and a stone's throw away from Rouen! It is possible thanks to this 6-km route, starting from Grand-Couronne. You think you know all about the State Forest of La Londe-Rouvray?! Let us prove you wrong with this walk!

Here you are, ready for a two-hour long walk, comfortable shoes and water bottle in the bag. After about 10 minutes on the forest trail, you will already notice that all the noises of the city have disappeared in favour of the birds' songs. As you walk deeper into the valley, you will feel the coolness that grows in the shade of the beech trees. And don't be surprised to find horse manure or bike tyre traces on your way! This place is very popular with locals who regularly come to walk or ride there.

During the walk, you will be surprised by the presence of a burled beech tree in the heart of the thalweg. But that's not all… after the only slope of the route, catch your breath and take time to admire the panoramic view over the seine Valley. A well-deserved break after this effort! Now that you are at the top of the valley, look for the famous hollowed beech, a tree that has grown together with the tree standing next to it!

Don't forget to take time for yourself during the walk. Take a break at the picnic tables in the shade of the beech and oak trees. Make the most of the peaceful atmosphere and prevailing calm before reaching the cereal fields on the way back. Our advice for the end: turn around and admire the view of the forest you have just crossed, remarkable, isn't it?

So, what do you say? Do you feel ready to put your walking shoes on and come and explore or re-explore the State Forest of La Londe-Rouvray?

It lasts : 02h 00
Difficulty : Medium
Distance : 6,5 km
Leaves from  : GRAND-COURONNE, Parking du centre de loisirs Jean Coiffier
Arrives at  : GRAND-COURONNE, Parking du centre de loisirs Jean Coiffier
Waymarking : Yellow

Theme : Panorama, Family, Natural

Entretien : MÉTROPOLE ROUEN NORMANDIE - 02 32 76 84 76 -

Facilities : Picnic area
Tarred path : 94%

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