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Pays de Caux


A hiking trail to learn more about hunting in the Pays de Caux.

A mountain bike trail under the sign of hunting in the Pays de Caux. The first to arrive at the top of the "Belvedere" has won! This high building, which was used for hunting, relaxation and observation, was once surrounded by flint walls. These had several functions: they delimited the large estate of the "Château de la Côte", served as greenhouses for cultivation, and prevented big game from jumping over them. Want a little break? Then stop by the Ferme Bio du petit Fumechon which produces beef and milk in Colleville-les-Deux-Eglises. Helmet on your head, bottle of water in your bag and you're ready for this mountain bike ride under the sign of discovery and sport.

Type of tour : Mountain bike
It lasts : 01h 30
Difficulty : Difficult
Distance : 12 km
Leaves from  : BELLEVILLE-EN-CAUX, Maison de la Chasse
Arrives at  : BELLEVILLE-EN-CAUX, Maison de la Chasse

Entretien : OFFICE DE TOURISME TERROIR DE CAUX - 02 35 34 13 26 - tourisme-auffay@terroirdecaux.

Tarred path : 64%

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