AAPPMA de Dieppe et des environs

76200 DIEPPE / Côte d'Albâtre


The AAPPMA of Dieppe (fishing and protecting aquatic environment association) offers about 30 km of 1st category river spread over three coastal rivers in Seine-Maritime: the Arques river supplied by the rivers Eaulne, Varenne and Béthune, the Saâne river and the Scie river, as well as 2nd category lakes located in St-Aubin-Le-Cauf, St-Germain d’Étables and St-Denis d'Aclon (have a look at the map available on our website:
Auffay is located at the head of the river Scie basin, its geographical situation provides trout fishing enthusiasts with the opportunity to try fishing spots maintained by the association.
Different licences are available depending on the length of your stay: annual, week and day licences and depending on your age: under 12, under 18 and adults.
You can buy your fishing licence at: the "Terroir de Caux" Tourist Information Centre 27, place de la République in Auffay (+33 (0)2 35 34 13 26) or at the "Terroir de Caux" Tourist Information Centre in Quiberville - 12, rue de la Saâne in Quiberville (+33 (0)2 35 04 08 32) and from our 6 partners (check our website).

Supervised educational or recreational activity : no

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