Parc du Château St Jean

137 Grande Route 76740 LA CHAPELLE-SUR-DUN / Côte d'Albâtre

A few kilometres away from Veules-les-Roses, on the Alabaster Coast, this remarkable garden is open every summer. This English-landscape park and its walkways were designed during the Second Empire and have been restored between 1987 and 1991. Covering 12 acres, the rose-lined paths, the collection of hydrangeas and the centuries-old trees will seduce you as they seduced me.

During a walk, I explored the park of Saint-Jean Château. I opened a huge white wrought-iron gate, allowing me to see the charming gardener's house planted with colourful flowers. A cobbled path showed me the way to go, and off I went. Surrounded by trees, I reached the impressive and majestic alley facing the chateau. Lined with wooden benches, boders and statues, the perspectives of the lines and shapes enhances the elegant 19th century manor house. As I got closer, I admired details such as the climbing ivy, the little deckchairs and the white shutters that reminded me of cosy country houses. At the foot of the manor house, there are two paths to choose from, and I decided to start with the orangery that seemed to be frozen in time. The atmosphere is quiet and mysterious, and I was greeted by two sphinx statues that guard the place. The orangery building is splendid and typical. I admired each architectural feature as well as the lush and green setting that surrounds it. It was really pleasant and I made the most of this moment out of time.

As I walked along the path of the park, I stumbled upon a pond in front of which I sat on a bench for a relaxing break. In the distance, a tree caught my eye. It looked spectacular and I stayed a few minutes observing it. It must be a two-hundred-year-old tree. The path guided me to a flower garden that brought to mind a tiny French formal garden. I loved its geometric layout that gives pride of place to a fountain representing cherubs. The adjoining garden is filled with colourful borders and hedges, diffusing delightful floral scents. Further away, the park stretched out in front of me. As I wandered around, I took a breath of fresh air and enjoyed every minute of this pleasant walk. From the park, I took in a stunning view of the back of the manor house. I was filled with wonder, it looked like a fairy tale castle and seemed to come straight out of one of them! Lost in my little girl's reverie, I ended my visit elated.

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Child rate From 2.00€

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