Jardins de l'Abbaye Saint-Georges de Boscherville

12 route de l'abbaye 76840 SAINT-MARTIN-DE-BOSCHERVILLE / Vallée de Seine

A few kilometres away from Rouen, the magnificent monastic gardens, listed a "Remarkable Garden" are located at the foot of the Benedictine Abbey Saint-Georges-de-Boscherville founded in the 12th century. Comprising a vegetable garden, an orchard and beds with aromatic and medicinal plants, you will also enjoy a stunning panoramic view over the Seine Valley.

Here I was, heading to explore the garden of Saint Georges de Boscherville Abbey! As soon as I stepped in, I was awestruck. At the foot of the huge abbey, a beautiful bed of white flowers as well as arches made with plants. I could already feel the serenity and purity of the place. In a warm and relaxing atmosphere, I wandered around the cloister garden. A small fountain adds a pleasant white noise while I passed under other arches. I continued my walk and reached a large stretch of grass that seemed to be dotted with several flowerbeds. I was about to walk towards these vegetable beds, when suddenly I saw a small opening on my right. It was the Fragrance Garden, which seemed almost hidden like a treasure. I quickly understood why as I wandered around this small enclosed garden. I was enveloped in wonderful scents that tickled my nose. I experienced a moment suspended in time in a simply exceptional setting. I made the most of that moment to sit down on a bench under a vault covered with flowers: it was magical and I couldn’t help but marvel.

Attracted to other colourful flowerbeds, there I was, standing in the heart of the medicinal and aromatic garden. Here, I read with interest all the small slate labels at the foot of the plants, fascinating! Designed like an Italian garden, I was surprised by its precision and beauty. Everything is thriving harmoniously, elegantly with precise lines. In the heart of room filled with flowers, a tunnel with wooden arches invited me to walk through. In a contemplative mood, I strolled around the park musing. I discovered another vault adorned with leaves and roses, I was charmed by the sight and the delicious fragrances that emanated from it.

I headed towards another terrace along the main path surrounded by an orchard. The setting is fascinating and idyllic. I watched carefully all the smallest details of this landscape trying to imprint it on my memory. I reached the highest terrace climbing a majestic staircase, and I saw two sundials; I read how to use them on information panels. Then I turned around towards the abbey below. Only one word comes to mind: WOW! The panoramic view is breathtaking! I saw the Seine Valley as I had never seen it before. The successive terraces I explored come together to create a whole where the colours mingle and blend perfectly. I stayed several minutes admiring the view before heading back to the same path I took to come here.

This was the end of a unique and captivating experience in an exceptional setting. I was certainly charmed by the place.

Additional information concerning the opening after the lockdown:
- Keep a distance of at least 1m.
- Follow the designated route
- Wearing a face covering recommended.
- Hand sanitiser available.
- Reduced price instead of full price.

Abbey, Chapel, Cloister, Monastry, Classic, Gothic, Romanesque, ISMH

Pleasure garden, Water garden, Play garden, Remarkable garden, Orchard/kitchen garden, Simple / medicinal plants, Vegetable garden, French style, Small mixed / monastic style, On the terrace


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Facilities : Toilets, Picnic area, Covered picnic area
Services : Shop, Bicycle parking
Activities available on site : Temporary exhibitions

Private visits

The visit lasts approximately : 90 min

Languages spoken  : English, German, Italian, Spanish
Tours available in : English

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