Le Bois de Villequier

VILLEQUIER, 76490 RIVES-EN-SEINE / Vallée de Seine

In the Seine Valley, the nature site of the Bois de Villequier overlooks the meanders of the river and offers pleasant viewpoints over the river Seine and the picturesque village of Villequier. Benefitting from the presence of numerous sources, from a favourable exposure and a specific hilly terrain, it is home to varied fauna and flora that you will be able to see when walking along the footpaths. The wet woodlands of the Bois de Villequier are remarkable due to the presence of rare plant and animal species, including some endangered species of insects. Numerous ponds and areas of water allow to watch amphibians and especially fire salamanders.
Villequier's history goes back to Roman times. In fact, there even is a place called "Caesar's Camp" in the site where there used to be a camp and fortifications between 3,000 and 1,500 BC. The village of Villequier is also related to Victor Hugo, and especially his daughter, Léopoldine, who drowned in the river Seine on 4th September 1843. Léopoldine's grave can be seen in the churchyard and there is a museum dedicated to the writer in Villequier.
This site belongs and is managed by the Department of Seine Maritime.


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