Le Clos des Fées

24 chemin des Falaises Hameau de Conteville 76450 PALUEL / Côte d'Albâtre

Located on the Alabaster Coast in Normandy, a stone's throw away from the sea in the town of Paluel, the Fairies’ Garden Clos des Fées welcomes you to an enchanting experience. Not far from the GR21 hiking trail, the gardens cover more than 6 acres with a traditional Clos-Masure design. The park is divided into 7 rooms in which water and plants blend together providing an ideal setting to relax.

As I got closer to the site, I opened my car window to let the sea breeze in. I drove along a small road lined by wheat fields. A little bit further away, I could feel the sea with the fresh and salty air that I love so much. The road took me to the Clos des Fées that I really wanted to explore. I parked in a car park and I could already see the gardens. I headed towards the entrance of the site and I walked under a tunnel of wooden arches. The plants climbing around it gave me the impression of going through a green tunnel. On my left, an expanse of grass with the sculpture of a young woman in the middle. I looked up towards the sky, it was bright blue and dotted with small white fluffy cotton clouds. I felt both incredibly relaxed and eager to see more. The buildings have large French windows which reflected the landscape.

In front of me, a big pool: the Fairies' Bath. Fountains spray jets of water and I listened to the white water sounds while I got closer to the water lilies to observe them. I rested on the railing and watched the water flow. The setting was simply idyllic, I couldn't have wished for anything better. I walked towards the look-out point and came face to face with a splendid sculpture made of metal and seashells. Just behind it, a breathtaking panoramic view. The colour of the sea almost blended with the colour of the sky. I stood facing this immensity, letting the sea breeze blow on my face and soaking up this pure moment of happiness. Slates with quotes written on them are scattered throughout the garden. I enjoyed looking for them and taking time to read them one by one. The atmosphere of the place is very poetic, I could feel it and soaked it up. I wandered through the bushes and arrived near the Fairies' Nests made out of woven branches. It was stunning and simply magical! I continued my walk in this quiet and serene atmosphere towards a garden whose plants are so high that they tickled my arm as I walked by. It was an explosion of soft colours. The tall grasses and the flowers swayed lightly with the wind. A little bit further away, I spotted several chairs and I gladly sat down. I was sitting in the "Colour beds" Garden, which deserves its name. Everywhere colourful flowers mingle together creating intense and lush flower beds. There is another water feature in the centre of those flower beds, which made me think of a Zen garden. I admired the view soaking up the positive energy of this enchanting place.
I ended my visit with a last quote that I memorized: “When you are about to become a pessimist, look at a rose!".


Simple / medicinal plants, Contemporary


All year
Horaire NC

Facilities : Picnic area, Accommodation on site, Outdoor games, Fully equipped meeting room
Services : Play area, Bicycle parking, Free WIFI
Activities available on site : Specific theme activities, Adult workshop, Junior workshop, Temporary exhibitions

Private visits

The visit lasts approximately : 45 min

Languages spoken  : English, Spanish

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