Château de Mesnières

Association Saint Joseph 76270 MESNIERES-EN-BRAY / Pays de Bray

In the heart of the Pays de Bray, Mesnières Château has been nestled in the Béthune Valley for 500 years. A jewel of Renaissance architecture is surrounded by a 5-hectare (12-acre) park planted with one-hundred-year-old beeches and horse chestnuts.

Also explore the gardens maintained by the Horticultural and Forestry School located next to the goats, peacocks and ducks enclosures!

Here I was, parked in the small car park opposite the estate. I was hardly parked that I was already amazed by this splendid and impressive Renaissance château. It is simply magnificent and imposing. My eyes are constantly drawn to it. I walked through an elegant gate and up the gravel path. The closer I got to the château, the more impressed I was by its grandeur. I had rarely seen a chateau like this. It looks almost unreal, as if coming straight out from one of these fairy tales l used to love as a child. Along the way there are beautiful topiaries and colourful flower pots. I crossed a bridge, and, on both sides, water. Ducks are quietly swimming and enjoying the sun. The setting is really peaceful, idyllic and dreamlike. I couldn't stop myself from smiling as I felt so good here. I finally reached the bottom of the gigantic staircase that leads to the château's grand courtyard. I almost ran up the stairs and turned to face the path I had just walked up. Wonderful! I felt as if I owned the place and I was the lady of the manor... Who has never dreamt of that?
My visit of the grounds started with one of the gardens created and maintained by the students of the château. I would have definitely liked to study in such a setting! The garden is very colourful thanks to its different species but also because of the blue and pink flower pots. As I was having a look at the flowers, I heard strange noises… Just next to me, I saw a white peacock roaming peacefully. It was followed by geese and ducks, what a funny procession! I continued to a second garden, adjoining greenhouses. This garden is much more immersive, the trees are tall and here I was in a green and tranquil environment. There is a small enclosure with a lop-rabbit and its baby, and I watched them tenderly. The atmosphere is so quiet, I walked slowly observing all the details of the place. My path took me to the Jardin du Souvenir (Memory Garden), where I discovered a nice vegetable garden as well as I little place to sit. I could see the intense blue sky again, which contrasted beautifully with the green setting where I was. Next to it, there is a small hunter's hut recreated with branches. I closed my eyes and enjoyed this moment completely disconnected from the outside world. Suddenly I heard a noise, I opened my eyes wondering where it could come from. I stood up and walked closer to what seemed to be a pen. And there, baby goats were coming towards me! The animals here certainly have a knack for surprising us. I watched them for several minutes then I continued my walk before I decided to adopt a goat. I took a path that seemed to lead to a park. The trees there were huge and impressive. In the heart of this small beech forest, the atmosphere is very different from the other gardens. The calm is more intense, the atmosphere is more mysterious. I walked slowly looking up at these green bark giants. The only sounds I could hear came from the chirping of the birds and the wind through the leaves. This walk was very relaxing and meditative. I came to a clearing flooded with light. Stone benches invited me to sit down, and this is the moment I chose to take out my book. After some delightful minutes, I stood up and as I turned around I saw the stained-glass windows of the chapel, which I could distinguish through the trees. As I left the park and walked along of the chateau, I told myself that next time I would gladly visit the interior!

Gardener's creation, Greenhouse and orangery


01 July 2023 to 31 August 2023
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Facilities : Picnic area, Accommodation on site, Parking for families, Plant nursery / Plant sales, Childrens' toilet, Restaurant, Film projection room, Fully equipped meeting room
Services : Left luggage, Bicycle parking
Activities available on site : Specific theme activities, Adult workshop, Specialist conferences, Conferences, Temporary exhibitions

Private visits

The visit lasts approximately : 45 min

Languages spoken  : English
Tours available in : English


Base rate - full rate adult From 6.00€
Base rate - full rate adult From 4.00€

Methods of payment : Postal or bank cheques, Cash

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