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Le Jardin du Crapaud à Trois Pattes

14 rue de la Houssaye Béranger 76270 LUCY / Pays de Bray

Jardin remarquable

The Three-legged Toad Garden, a poetic and green setting, is located in the heart of the Pays de Bray, only 6 km away from Neufchâtel-en-Bray. Spreading over almost 2.5 acres this terraced garden comprises five different rooms, each with their own identity and features: the toad pond, the terrace, the children's garden, the promenade and to finish the tree garden.

That afternoon, I set off to visit the Three-legged Toad Garden, whose name alone piqued my curiosity. A sign says "Garden Open", the gate was partly-open and the path is lined with trees, creating like a green corridor. The entrance was mysterious, I already liked it. Small leaflets are available, I took one for my walk since it gave information about the garden.

I started my tour with the Toad pond. I walked through a huge hedge and discovered this enchanting room. There are several arches in the centre facing the beautiful red-brick house. I heard the sound of water nearby, it had to be the pond! I walked closer slowly and I saw the sculpture of the famous toad, the king and soul of this garden. A small information panel indicates that the three-legged toad is in fact a Feng Shui symbol of wealth and prosperity. I soon understood that my visit would be filled with wonder! I continued my walk towards the terrace, a vast expanse of grass surrounded by a wavy hedge. I immediately fell under the spell of the peace and quiet of the place. The sun was shining and was enjoying its warmth. Chairs are available, and I sat down a few minutes to admire the beautiful view. The atmosphere is serene and I pleasantly felt like I was experiencing a moment out-of-time. I would have liked to spend the whole day there, reading... The Children's Garden is on the other side of the hedge and I discovered a lovely playground under a cherry tree. It made me think immediately of my daughter, who I would certainly bring her to this magical garden, which she would surely enjoy. My walk continued with the garden called "The Promenade". I walked passed a huge tree lying on the ground, which must have fallen after a storm. Right next to it, small logs invite visitors to rest for a few minutes. I was totally enraptured by the beauty of the place. It is all curves and volume, the bright and contrasting colours blend together to create a harmonious and lively picture. A small fence surrounds the garden, on which there are white wide-open umbrellas installed. The originality and authenticity of the design is fascinating.

Lulled and pervaded by scents, this garden is the very definition of happiness. The Tree Garden was by far my favourite room. I went from one surprise to another, and in each nook and cranny I discovered sculptures, works of art and even surprising garden furniture made with headboards. I strolled among the tall swaying grasses, thinking about nothing else than the present. On my way I saw three-hundred-year-old trees that I admired with profound respect. I laughed at some details, which made my visit unique. I noticed a sign along the way that said "Don't touch, very aggressive mummy dinosaur"! Intrigued, I got closer and discovered dinosaur eggs in a giant nest! A few steps away, a huge horse chestnut tree. Its foliage creates a bubble in which we can go. In fact, there is a door built in its branches. I felt like a child entering a tree house. Tree trunks are scattered everywhere, intended for visitors, I was in the “fairy tale room". Once more, I found the idea excellent and I was looking forward to coming back to attend a fairy tale reading in this enchanting place.

From the Tree Garden, I enjoyed a stunning view of a typical Norman landscape. In the distance, fields as far as the eye can see... I am amazed by this visit, and it was at the end of the tour that I thought about the three-legged toad again. Indeed, I left the garden feeling enriched: I left with beautiful images in mind.

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Facilities : Covered picnic area, Picnic area, Auditorium, Baby changing area, Outdoor games, Parking for families, Plant nursery / Plant sales, Childrens' toilet, Film projection room, Fully equipped meeting room
Services : Shop, Left luggage, Play area, Bicycle parking, Free WIFI
Activities available on site : Specific theme activities, Adult workshop, Junior workshop, Specialist conferences, Conferences, Temporary exhibitions

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The visit lasts approximately : 120 min


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