Jardin des Amouhoques

10 rue des Fougères 76460 LE MESNIL-DURDENT / Côte d'Albâtre

On the Alabaster Coast, nestled in one of the smallest villages in Seine-Maritime, come and explore the Amouhoques Garden, an out-of-the-ordinary place that gives pride of place to "weeds”. Typical of the Pays de Caux, these 320 species come with interpretative signs and stretch on the village's slopes over 1.5 km.

I drove along small country roads with fields of wheat stretching as far as the eye can see. I took in this landscape whose beautiful golden colours almost outshined the sun. That afternoon, I went to explore a surprising garden in the village of Mesnil-Durdent, the smallest village in Seine-Maritime with 18 inhabitants. I drove into the village and the landscape changed completely. I drove along a tree avenue that covered me completely. The atmosphere is very serene thanks to this natural environment. The car park of this garden is in fact a stretch of grass along the road. Just next to it, there is a picnic table and information panels about the village. It is lovely and charming. I parked and got out of the car and took my bag out of the car. An information panel explains how to go to the garden.

I started walking along the slopes and the farms, still under the tall century-old trees that provided me with shade. Along those slopes, I saw a lot of little signs presenting all sorts of plants. I was really surprised, because these were not species that I would usually stop to look at. I was impressed by the varieties I saw. On my left, I noticed the entrance to the Amouhoques Garden. By the way, I learnt that "Amouhoque" is the local Cauchois name for wild chamomile. The site has one objective: promoting what are commonly called "weeds", which rather are wild plants.

With a lot of curiosity, I bent over the flower beds to observe the species more closely and read the labels. I strolled between the beds, realising that what would make this garden perfectly ordinary actually makes it original and extraordinary. I learnt about the natural heritage that I had always ignored so far. More than that, I was amazed by all the possible uses of these plants, especially their health benefits. At the back of the garden, a beautiful farmhouse typical of the Pays de Caux. The building adds a lot of charm to the place, which I am not likely to forget given how unconventional and authentic it is.

I left the Amouhoques Garden and continued to explore this picturesque Norman village.

Botanical garden, Plant collection, Simple / medicinal plants


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