Jardin du Château d'Imbleville

2100 route de la Vallée de la Saâne 76890 IMBLEVILLE / Pays de Caux

In the heart of the Pays de Caux, Imbleville Chateau is a gem built more than 500 years ago. Known as the "Pearl of the Saâne valley", its location allowed it to defend itself from the river. The gardens are more recent and have been designed by the Saint-Rémy Family between 1920 and 1950. This remarkable three-hectare garden will delight future visitors as much as it delighted me.

I arrived on tree-lined a path. The light filtered through the leaves creating a mysterious and magical atmosphere. I found myself facing the entrance of the chateau, and I was filled with awe! It looked more like an elegant barbican preceded by a wooden bridge. The moat of this medieval-looking castle is filled with water and I saw by a beautiful family of swans who greeted me. I walked through the impressive gate and discovered the chateau's courtyard. I was struck by the contrasts and the palette of colours of this view. In the foreground, French parterres topped with perfectly trimmed topiaries. Intensely pink flowers are planted in a rectangular shape. In the background, the castle. It stands proudly in the courtyard with its vivid orange bricks and its slate roof. In the background, an undergrowth whose range of green shades highlights what is in front. The whole setting is bathed in a warm light and a cloudless sky.

I walked across the courtyard towards the garden. In front of me, there was a long gravel path lined by topiaries again and borders. As I strolled down this path, I quickly reached a small bucolic undergrowth. The river Saâne flows through the garden, and I was lulled by the gentle sound of the water into a reverie. I walked up the river and along the back of the castle flanked by a moat. The water was so clear that I could easily see the reflection of the towers of the castle in it. Tis part of the garden is softer thanks to the topiary balls and the round fountain. I arrived near a small waterfall and a wooden bridge where the water flows like a curtain. It was stunning and I was surprised to see such a sight here. I sat on a stone bench nearby and I made the most of this shady corner offering a splendid view of the castle. I totally fell under the spell of this castle and its relaxing garden. I continued my walk along the river to a last wooden bridge. With its zen-like look, it completely blends into the landscape. Before ending my walk, I spent several minutes on this bridge, captivated by the water.

Listed or registered (CNMHS), ISMH

Water garden, French style


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